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The interesting thing about the film is the box office figures. Is this
the film that disappointed most over the last year with respect to box
office? 50 Mio Euro cost, according to IMDB, and a US revenue of $ 2
Million, not much more in the UK, and a devastating 50.000 Euro in the
Netherlands… How come? Maybe because you need to subtitle this one in
every country of the world. No way (at least for me) to get through this
Cockney language and follow the drama. But maybe there is no drama in
the first place? I was left quite unaffected by it all, with all the
expected things happening, all the bad guys getting what they deserve
and all the good guys surviving at the end. Well, maybe not quite
Polanski’s fault, but one could suggest that this kind of narrative may
not be the thing that the modern audiences are waiting for.
Old-fashioned, that’s maube the key, the story is old-fashioned, and in
order to make something out of it for a film, you need to contrast it
with modern style of narration, maybe by breaking up the linear
narration or using a specific visual style. Hell, how should I know, I
am not the scriptwriter or the director… But I do know that none of it
is in the film. Very traditional visuals and narrative, even the actors
look the same as you would imagine them to look when you think of 1950s
movies on the same or similar stories. Solid work, Roman, but next time:
please be more original.

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