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The thing that must be said about each and every Tim Burton film ist
that it’s great that he made it, and that noone else can make this kind
of moviem and that it could have been much better! Lack of competition
in your market segment leads to short opening hours, ridiculously silly
newspapers, and not-quite-perfect Tim Burton films in the market segment
of “Tim Burton films”. This is another example of a very amusing and
also touching one. Remember the Nightmare before Christmas, which is
much less perfect in many respects, pace and timing in particular, and
wonder why this one is better. I think one answer is that you could
imagine the characters in a real-life environment, and it would also
make a nice and romantic, a little funny flic. Not a very special one,
but entertaining just as well. The fact that we have some stop-motion or
cgi adds something and makes it more than just average Julia Roberts
meets that slimy whatshisnameEnglishman, Hugh something who should not
be named … film. And allows for a nice set of underground characters
(Corpse Bride relatives, most of them, but also some regular
Living-Bride family that is quite creepy). Worth watching, worth waiting
for the next Tim-B. and hoping that it will have yet another little
improvement in the script efforts…

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