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What’s interesting about a freak environmentalist who does not understand that the best one can do to protect endangered bears is to stay away from them and leave them to themselves? There is a bit of a sensationalist aspect involved, because you do not very often get a chance to observe an egomaniac at work, live and in colour. Sorry: two of them, as Werner Herzog directed the movie and grabbed another chance to mention the Kinski hardships he had to endure in his rich live. So Herzog takes the footage filmed by Tomothy Treadwell, adds some moving interview scenes with people who either believe him a saint or a nutter who got what he deserved. And what I really hate about Herzog is that he takes every chance he gets to put himself on center stage, as happens when he has a chance to listen to the audio tape that recorded the last minutes of Treadwell and his companion, being eaten by a bear who got fed up with all the gibberish this human kept talking into the camera. The film ends sadly, because the bear gets shot.

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