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It is interesting to wonder why Spielberg has taken up the subject, and what he was expecting from it. If the plot actually goes along the lines of real events, then the usually dull drama of real life promises to make a dull film. Even with the event having a dramatic political dimension, a couple of people chasing a couple of other people through the world with the aim of killing them is not yet a good plot. It is just a good starting point. I say this because surprisingly enough, I found the film is just as life: sometimes boring, sometimes sad, only very rarely thrilling. Had the script doctor had the liberty of leaving reality behind, what twists would he have included? Maybe something about the team leader (Eric Bana) having doubts about his mission so serious that he actually would appear to be a real person? Or a strike back from the other side more serious than just through a hooker-killer kind of person (admittedly with a pretty face)? The strong passages are those outside the plot – with Papa’s family coming in like a small-scale reference to the Godfather, or where good reasons were given for never working with or against governments. Fact seems to be that Spielberg’s “serious” features don’t get better than this: very professional, but not very good narration.

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