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Trash at last! After hunting down all the Oscar nominees and conceding that most of the "best film" and "Achievement in directing" nominess were damned good, it was about time for some blockbuster amusement. Unfortunately, the local cinemas are currently restricted to "Narnia" (or does anybody want to spent money on "The Transporter II"?), which means that the local DVD supplier was the choice  of the day – and it could not offer anything better than HP4. Having just finished listening to Stephen Fry’s amazing reading performance of HP6, I was actually looking forward at least to Severus Snape’s nice pronounciation of "Potttaaa". The problem with Potter films, of course, is that (1) the books are too well-known, (2) the imagination is stronger than any art director, (3) films thend to be too short.

Still, some interesting aspects:
– the kids are getting too old. Instead of a certain amount of snogging and shagging, as could be expected by the size, looks and relationships of the film characters, apparently noone has any hormones in his/her blood. Ah, right, they are only 14… well, they don’t look 14. Change of actors recommended. I want a more sexy Ginny when part 6 comes to the theaters. And I don’t want Hermione to look like 25 (because she is at least 27), when in part 7 she finally ends up in bed with Harry. I want her to look fresh and 19, at the most!

– why not leave out the annoying parts of the books and use the interesting bits. Like: why include Rita Skeeter (whom the book could do without, and the film, too), but reduce Hagrid’s and Madame whatever’s relationship to one of careful romance? There’s better stuff going on between these two? And if you take up the Skeeter story, why not resolve it?

I had the impression that the film falls back to its part 1 problems: Warner Bros proudly presents some arbitrarily chosen bits and pieces from a popular book. Not very impressive indeed, and visually not as interesting by far than part 3, where Alfonso Cuaron (aha, interesting: I recently watched Y tu mama… for the first time) could give unique visuals to the story, hope they can find a similar visionary for "Order of the Phoenix", more important there than ever.

Too late for a recommendation, but still: why did they not use this load of money and make a reeeeally (!) expensive tv miniseries out of it. There you have enough time to tell the story. You can dwell in the narration. You can elaborate on these caharcters! Well, never mind… chance foregone…

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  1. Heh, I said exactly the same thing regarding a miniseries and Rita Skeeter AND the Quidditch World Cup, which was exciting to watch – and then: bam! excitement nipped in the bud. HP4 was like driving past a fast train in a Porsche, looking into the windows, if you blinked, you missed a whole scene. I had to go to the bathroom and I completely missed the underwater sequence (and I ran and everything).However, I want my Hermione fresh-faced when she finally falls into RON’s bed, thankyouverymuch.

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