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Another one of these films where outside inspiration was responsible for watching it more than inside desire. Outside inspration in this case means basically Oscar mayhem – which usually is a bad reason for picking a film.

My first reaction after an hour or so was: "Hang on, last time I saw this film the guy was blind and black. And the music was better." When I realised that this time Ray’s brother miraculously did not drown and we would be spared 25 flashbacks on this specific subject matter, my attitude turned to postivie immediately. Howver: 10 minutes later I realised that artist biographies tend to be boring if you have not been a great fan to begin with. Repeated conumption of illegal substances may be unhealthy – it is definitely not exciting to watch. Country-Western-Rock’n’Roll may be very influential for what the Americans call history, but not everything America is influenced by is very interesting. On the contrary: in 52 per cent of all cases, things that are relevant to most Americans do not interest me (that, by the way, includes all made-for-tv content with the exemption of "Twin Peaks", "X Files" as long as the cast was complete and "24" and most fast food produce with the exemption of milk shakes). Country music and rock’n’roll music, for example. People falling over on stage because they took a wrong turn at some stage in their lives would bother me if I had paid money for a ticket to that concert – a couple of decades later, it’s by no means more interesting than the news that somebody kicked somebody else in the Jerry Springer Show. It’s what you are expected to do when involved in a certain form of entertainment. I hear there was a phase in Johnny Cash’s when he was considered to be a wise old man of almost Jimmy Carterish dimensions. Shame: 1) a look at Jimmy Carter’s political career tells a lot about this compliment, 2) the film ended some thirty years before this. I am now looking forward top Scorsese’s Bob Dylan film. At least in that case, I like a lot of the cover versions others did on his compositions.

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