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Quite a good entertaining evening session, this "Tarantino" film, even if directed by Tony Scott. But the script and (unavoidable) THE DIALOGUES make it, one could say, a true Tarantino, still. Patricia A. is unquestionably most formidable (to just look at AND to watch playing, don’t get me wrong), with the nicest pair of talents around. That red dress she’s wearing the night she meets her True Love… charming. And with this hell of a cast, the film is great fun on the "now where do I know that guy" front, too. Not much more to say, but that the best single scene is probably played by Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper, and Patricia Arquette looked even more lovely after being on the receiving end of a serious beat-up. Lovely. And in case one wonders what the next real Tarantino film will be: a double feature horror flick called "Grind House", with Rodriguez. 

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