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So muss Frankfurt / Oder aussehen… This is in some ways a very depressing film, because its sole topic is the fact that as hard as you may try, you won’t be able to cross the borders that are not meant for you to cross. The Mexican/American border in this case, symbol of hope for a better life for all these hundreds or thousands of people who virtually live at the border, wtaching it and watching their fellows who try to cross it one way or the other. Now and again they try themselves, with usually desolate results. But that’s allright, because it’s desolate place, and promised something? Noone did, and noone will keep any promises.

On the other hand, there are really nice people around, and you start wondering at one point whether they would not be much better off if this US promise (and the Americans that come along with it – these very very annoying American just disappeared into oblivion. The Mexican side of the border is the much better one in many respects, and it takes the main characters in this film 90 minutes to find out. At the end, a new balance of longing and unfullfilled desires is established, with not much more hope included, but with a couple of additional scars and sores to remind them of the hopelessness.

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