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The only reason why I would watch a film about three soldiers going a bit aloft in the Iraqi desert is… no: NOT George Clooney, but the fact that the film and its director David O. Russell were mentioned enthusiastically and repeatedly by Peter Biskind in his wonderful "Easy Riders, Raging Bulls". Alright, I thought, let’s go for it – and indeed, there is something about the fillm that makes it a different piece of entertainment than the other "Nice War, isn’t it?" flics. Maybe it’s one of the films where it’s of benefit to know in advance that it’s something special (most markedly; I remember this verhoeven science fiction thing, what’s it called again? With the giant bugs on some Godforsaken planet?? Getting old…ah: Starship Troopers!). What is remarkable is, apprently, the camera, which uses very interesting speeds and objectives and filters. The gold story serves as a nice McGuffin, but the story never gets enough drive to distract you and draw you away from thoughts of logic and reason.

So is Three Kings the subversive move of an indy film-maker on Holywood? Maybe by attitude, not really by result. But a good watch.

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