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After heaving read "Trier about von Trier", an interview also conducted by Stig Bjoerkman, it became unavoidable to read the Bergman book, too. So many references to Bergman’s films, so huge a relevance he has for today’s film-makers not just in Scandinavia, but all over the world. The Interview was conducted quite late, I think 1990, so many films are far and lost in the momories of an old man. He is also very humble about many films, pretending not to remember them propoerly or waving them off as unimportant. Those where he accepts the discussion must be wort seeing, however, and the comments by the two interview partners give you some exciting insight in what it must be like to experience them for the first time (in some repsect, this means, I can be glad that I have hardly seen any Bergman film so far, only "Snake’s Egg", I think, and he does not seem to like that one). In particular, I think, the following ones should be on the shelf soon (and maybe seen in the order of initial release): (not sure about the respective English titles): "The Summer with Monika", "For one Summer", Wild Strawberries”, “Scenes of a Marriage”, "The Silence", "The Face","Hour of the Wolf:, "Light in Winter"  "Persona", "Shame", "7th Seal", "Fanny and Alexander". And so on… There’s a task at hand!

The book:
Bergman’s Auto-Biography “Laterna Magica”:

The films he directed:

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