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It remains to be seen which of the films in this year’s Oscar race will be remembered in, say, 30 years. I am sure it will be… none, really. Now that I made my way through almost all of the best film and best director nominees, I am extremely pleased with what I’ve seen. I think, however, that almost all of these films (and the ever-popular “Brokeback” as well as my own guess at gold, “Capote”, even before I’ve seen it) appear to be made with the help of the “arthouse machine”.

I did not know that they had it invented, but after seeing Capote now I am sure. There is an ultra-professional thing about the pace, the dialogues, the editing, the music (what music? Yes, there is some, hidden exquisitely between the frames). And the acting, of course. Hoffman  is incredible, no doubt, and even though it may be true that artificial characters such as Truman Capote may be easier to perform, he manages to bring a lot of subtlety into it, to the point where you really wonder whether the actor Hoffmann feels any bit of sympathy for the actor Capote, whether he hates him or he wants to be him, or both. The frankness with which Capote is being presented as a mostly heartless egomaniac is startling and unexpected, and it is interesting to realise with what kind of attitude you leave the cinema: did you forgive him because he moved in a courageous fashion at the end, and went to visiting a friend even though he feared nothing more? Or do you detest him because the only reason why he needs courage for this visit is that he is quite frankly a heartless, boneless and ball-less prat. The kind of characters I like, I have to admit, at least in movies and literature. In any case: I need to read the book again!

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