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The characters are quite cute, one has to admit, and no doubt there is a pace about the directing that is extremely professional. I almost get used to this quality, and I guess this means that I more and more accept artifcial characters telling real-life stories. The technical quality of the animation is being forgotten, and the new star is … the story! And here we are at the wek point. It is not too original, the characters are all a bit underdeveloped, the whole set-up appears to be too much targeting at smallest fellow citizens for comfort. Am I too old for this? Well, I enjoyed it, but still I wished I had seen something more… mature? Will try Howl’s Castle next, let’s see whether this provides the desired satisfaction…


  1. Did not see Robots and did also not really enjoy Howl’s Moving Castle…mostly because it was so different from the book it did not really make sense at times – the war thing was not really supposed to be there, there was Wales and football and stuff. Also, because I do not really appreciate the surreal, which, however, is not Miyazaki’s fault.

  2. I did not even realize that Howl was based on a book until I saw the end credits. Weird stuff… but not as weird as Chihiro, unfortunately. Meaning I would prefer it to be much more surreal, if asked… need to get back to Miyazaki’s older stuff, I recon.

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