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Whatever the reason may be: Chen Kaige has a considerably big interview in
the famous Hawaiian paper Star Bulletin. The comments match the fortune
cookies quality of his latest movie (Wu Ji, whose US start, now that I read
the article in full, is the reason for the interview), e.g.:
“But I say that destiny is changeable. If you look at our history, I don’t
understand why people think that way. Even though there have been so many
bad things, revolutions and chaos, there still was change. It’s so very
clear. I’m convinced of the message that, yes, we can allow and gain power
to challenge destiny on the way to a better life.”
The intersting thing to be learnt is that Zhang Yimou was actually the
director of photography at Chen Kaige’s “Yell Earth” international debut.
AND some nice insight into Chen’s political past, too.

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