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I kind of stopped watching Coen films some time ago. I don’t know why and when it happened. I only know that the comedy with Zeta-Jones and Clooney (can’t remember the name of the movie) was so uninteresting in description that I only very late realised that it actually was done by the Coens. What happened to them? The bite is gone? I never had as dangerous a laughing fit as when I watched "Raising Arizona", I am even among the few people who watched "Hudsucker" and I am one of … er… one who likes it. That mixture of slapstick comedy by people who you don’t expect to perform it, the mix of production design and camera that always tended to have a slightly surreal touch. Amazing. But gone… Ladykillers has been an attempt to revive those old days (for me, I mean – but maybe also for them, by using one of the most hilarious comedies of all times as a script), and it was very boring. Very boring, indeed. One wonders why you have to take up this pathetic habit of remakes, in the first place. If you do, you must either have a genius’ touch on twisting the story into new directions, or maybe your aesthetic vision allows you to reinvent the optics of a film. Ladykillers does neither. The lady is black, and she sings the Gospel. That’s basically it about the variations. Tom Hanks is not up to the role-model he is supposed to be following – and looks detached from the part, maybe be became aware of the imminent failure, but that may also be sheer interpretation. So he remains the most over-rated and under-subtled actor of the last two centuries, but let’s leave it up to taste: I just don’t like anything about the film, and I wished they hadn’t made it. As it’s too late for that: would it be inappropriate to suggest not to do another one? You lost the touch, boys…

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