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One of these crazy little films where you wonder where the borderline between a prank and true art is. Or whether it matters. Brilliantly conceived variations upon a 1960s short film by a Swedish director whose name I forgot. And the one who made up the creative twists is none less but Lars von Trier, the still-Wunderkind of European cinema. He is consequent in not losing too many thoughts about the artistic implications of his directives (or at least he is keen on leaving this impression) and throws artistic idiocies such as "no take longer than 12 frames" at the old man, knowing exactly that the well-established genius will find a brilliant way to cope with this.

Not all five "obstructions" (to making a normal film, one should add) are equally innovative and original, sometimes the claimed and pronounced desperation appears real, as the film scenes meander about without too much concept. It does not matter, however. The film perfectly presents ways to chew on stories and aesthetical ideas, efforts to find new approaches to established stories in a medium that requries re-invention by the Denish now and again. Great to watch!

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