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Update for German readers: nice review on the German “Superman returns” start can be found here:

To make this very clear: nobody forced me to go, I was actually looking forward, because this time I knew for sure that I would not get disappointed, because my expectations were zero. Superman has always been a whimp, has no muscles (and, I supposed until recently, no testicles) and no brain, just lucky with his super powers from Krypton. He is noone to be adored, noone that you ever want to be yourself. He is good for catching burglars and saving the world, but that’s about it. There is no chance you make a really exciting film out of this dull character. Spiderman had his chance, and failed. Batman had his chances, and failed mostly. About Fantastic 4 we better speak no more… But: Superman was probably one of the first movies I ever saw in a cinema, and I still remember having been very impressed by the side-fact that they had to pay 1 Million Dollars to Marlon Brando to make him wear a wig and say some pathectic lines. I must have missed one or two of the sequels, so it is a bit hard to follow the plot… just kidding, but I was indeed surprised to learn that Superman called and flew or teleported home to pay tribute to his no more existing home planet (which is a bit like going to see the place where Titanic sank – not much to see, I reckon). So now that’s why he “returns” and the last and only mystery of the film has been resolved. Apart from who convinced the woman who is Lex Luthor’s side-kick to take that job, because her career will not be fostered by this new piece of her own history. The film has some nice humour at times (related to canine cannibalism, for example), and a sympathetic villain (Lex Luthor has always been the only reason to read the comics). There are two seriously annoying things about the film, however, so you may wait for the director’s cut collector’s box alternative version DVD thing which might do away with them if enough of us write emials to the producers: (1) Louis Lane, (2) the story. There have been about 23040 more interesting ways to take over control over the planet, and there have been 0 more boring superhero love interests. Apart from that: to be recommended if you can get it at high volume while the weather is rainy and you already have had dinner, but there is still no major sports tournament on tv.

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