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On the decision of the Chinese authorities not to let the (first) sequel to "Pirates of the Carribean" play in mainland China, there is a commentary at Bloomberg News: It’s old, I know, but I just stumbled across it. It’s also a bit odd, because I am not sure whether the transfer between one branch of the administration (which is in charge of film imports approval) and another (which is trying to ensure that China will become a sustainable economic success story) ist valid – but it’s worth reading it and finding your own opinion. The comment is also linking to the recent (6 minutes of) cuts made to MI-3 and the withdrawal of the "da Vinci Code". The other thing about pirates is, of course: they don’t give a damn. The street pirates offer all these films in full integrity in front of the cinemas that don’t show them. The shame about it is that China manages to keep cinemas from being great places to have a great time out. Initentionally or not, this seems very odd. Chinese cinemas are ridiculously over-priced, and they are not allowed to show interesting movies.

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