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Ah well… no, not a good film, I think that can be said even though I only watched the edited version (minus 6 minutes of inappropriate material – mostly laundry hanging around in Shanghai and Tom Cruise chatting with a Chinese, I read). No problem to watch that kind of thing, but very hard to remember it three days later. Was that red Lamorghini in MI-3 or Ocean’s Twelve? And who invented that cool "cut a face out of jelly in a minute"-laser thing? Should be a rich man by now, especially as you can apply it and it looks so real – as if there are two P.S. Hofmanns playing in the same film. Iiiiincredible! Speaking of Hofmann: he is worth watching, again, even though a bit one-dimensional, but he gives a certain air of sophistication to this very uncompromising character. He also would have deserved a more inspired end than he got. Ran out of money and saved it on the script side? Just kidding, there is no script, of course, just gadgets… loud gadgets.


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