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I’ve seen that one when it hit the screen, but it was worth seeing a second time. Espacially with my super-short memory, it was worth the second try. I forgot about the dog, to begin with, and I forgot about the cute wife, and I did not forget, of course, that Ed Norton is still among the best – even at a time when he was only not starring in those films that he directed himself… A very melancholic film at times, and one that can be very stylish (in the club where the farewell party takes place, but the whole production design and the clothes do fit in well). P.S. Hofmann, again, at his best, even though it is a part he has played already a couple of times (at least he saved the time for rehearsals). Whether the final twist holds tight and prison rules follow the logic of the script may be questioned, but I guess the makers got a bit scared about letting the film end without the slightest bit of excitement. It would have been even more beautiful.

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