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It is apparently one of the great contemporary stories around, definitely one of the great tales of China  – one of atrocity and heroism, of cruelty and the human touch. I reckon every Chinese knows one version or the other about how the Japanese "raped Nanking" in 1937, killing thousands (or hundreds of thousands, rather) of citizens. This will surely be among the most visible Chinese film projects of all times: it has international co-producers (Gerald Green, anybody knows whether this is the same who wrote the "Holocaust" mini?), supposedly an internationally reputed cast (the inevitable Zhang Ziyi and Michelle Yeoh, rumor has it), and it has that sideline of the hero who stands up against his own history and his country, namely John Rabe, the "Schindler of Nanking", who saved many by providing shelter in his Siemens factory. No news so far on director, schedule, etc., but apparently the script will be based on Iris Chang’s "The Rape of Nanking" book, and there is a good chance that it will be out in time for the massacre’s 70th anniversary.

News stories on this:
And this is the site of Ms Chang, with information on the book:

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