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The best link ever put online? I don’t know, but it’s competitive, that’s for sure. Actually, a Top 1000 list is much mopre pleasant than a Top 10 or Top 100 list, there surely have not been more than 213 really great films over the last century, so all of them are supposedly included and the trick is to find out which ones they are.

What’s great about the NYT site is not the list of films, but the fact that the links to the original reviews are being offered. So you can savour the insight of the critic about the early Martin Scorsese: “one of the best of the new American filmmakers”) and the late … well … the mid-aged
Kirk Douglas and his “Spartacus”: “the music score of Alex North is good and loud”).
This is a temptation for any film buff, so be aware of the addictive qualities of these reviews – and go for it! Two a day, at least!
Here it is:

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