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Interesting that I expected to find a documentary “in the style of” Fahrenheit 9/11, but it is a regular fictional movie, more in the style of The Insider or Wag the Dog. The surprise aside, I had relatively high expectations, high praise came from the media. To sum it up: the film is not as hilarious as it could be, but’s it is a pleasantly mean comedy that also tackles a bit of the strangeness US society is infamous for. Not too much, though. I had the impression that this internal criticism never goes beyond the threshold that still allows your own industries to smile about their respective vices (alcohol, tobacco, arms). The main actor (Aaron Eckhar) is pretty good, does not overact and actually has some sympathetic streaks. Robert Duvall keeps on dying on screen in style (as the president of BigTobacco) and remains a monument. William H. Macy’s part as a Senator With A Mission is a bit wasted, as he does not get too much screen time. The promise of a future product placement campaign with smoking and copulating Brangelinas is something we are looking forward to.

Kermode’s Review

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