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The good thing about traveling woth the most uncomfortable airline in the world is that first they keep you from sleeping (by trying to poison you with their food first, then by making you realise that the seat actually has exactly half the size of your bum), and then they usually offer some Austrian backlist films in their onboard entertainment programme. As I had missed "Der Ueberfall" when it was in the cinemas (in the same year as "Komme suesser Tod", apparently), I was quite please with them this time. Josef Hader being the greatest comedian that side of the Alpes (and, since Hanns-Dieter Huesch dies, probably in the whole continent), the story of a moronic bank robbery / supermarket robbery / ah well – tiny tailorshop robbery going wrong had many promising elements that would allow Hader’s talent to unfold. Now I seem to remember that the reviews had not been too good when the film came out, and I also remember that (maybe as a consequence of that, or because Austrian films tend to kill German box offices) it was a very limited theater release. But it’s worth it! It does not have the hilariousness of "Komm Suesser Tod" (because it does, of course, not have an equally brilliantly and outrageously funny novel on which it would be based – because there is no such a thing that would equal Wolf Haas’ Brenner-Trilogy). But the combination of the loser-gone-robber, who desperately needs some cash for his son’s birthday present and that son’s mother’s monthly demands (Roland Düringer), of  the tailor who does not seem to understand what a ferocious professional crime he has become victim to (Joachim Bissmeier) and Josef Hader, who is the hypochondric customer who is desperate to get back to mother before 6 pm, who is willing to take any side in the conflict that is the least dangerous, and who organises a nice and sardonic happy end to the story. A very fitting trio, with surprisingly harsh moments of violence – you are never allowed to laugh for too long, as you might swallow on the blood. I have no idea how well all this translates into foreign countries, but in the German-language world, this is surely a comedy by one of the more talented teams.

Der Ueberfall – The Hold-Up:
Komm suesser Tod:

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