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Being a bit detached from German cinema at the moment, I had never heard of this one before I stumbled into the cinema, half an hour late. The only familiar thing I realised was Juergen Vogel’s face, which is always a pleasure to see, especially because of the three films in which he stars at any given moment simultaneously, usually only one is worth seeing. The whole setup of the film promised that this would be the one – and then there’s is hardly anything better than Juergen Vogel in a good film. Indeed, this was a good one. Vogel plays somebody (missed the beginning, so I am not exactly sure what or who he is) who flees his life and a disease and falls into the arms of a young peasant lady (played by wonderful Joerdis Triebel, and I just had to look up what else she played, but: she is actually a cinema novice, what a revelation! I guess she must have done some serious stage acting before.). He is grumpy, she is nerdish and messy, they fall in love and live happily ever …  something like that, but not quite like that at all. In beautiful circles, the two approach each other, only to realise, once they found each other, that this will be a very short encounter, indeed. Big drama, big emotions!

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