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these are the days of unexpected films, I guess: Wes Craven, plane, red eye… I only watched it because I heard a lot of decent comments about it, noen stating what it was about. So I formed my own expectations based on the named facts, and: it was not a film about some horrible occurences in a nightly plane, maybe with half of the people disappearing mysteriously or the plane touching down in a world without population. Indeed, I did expect something like this, as laid out in one of the "Four Past Midnight" ( stories by ours truly SK, "Langoliers" it was called (reminder: need to get that). What did I get: very solidly done thriller with all the necessary ingredients for a bit of late afternoon entertainment. Wes Craven apprently has decided to spend some time in the thrill rather than the horror department, and the required talents are doubtlessly there: the characters are well picked and casted (even though "Jack Ripper" has too apparently these crazy eyes that will turn out to be evil ones, one can be very sure from the beginning). The layout of the story is quite clever, yet not sensationally clever, I have to say. Being stuck in a plane for a while is fine for any form of suspense, but it’s not really clear what that means when you actually have a phone connection. The benefits of being locked up in the skyes is a bit wasted if you allow that. But at the end of the day, I would say the majority of the film does not play on the plane anyway, so maybe the title is misplaced rather than the script. I also had the impression that the plot was a bit hurried in order to check all the relevant boxes on the scriptwriting turorial sheet: in particular, the events at the hotel were not really dramatic. Everybody did what other people told them, and that was that. 90 minutes (not even) over, did it, done with.

A review just reminded me that there was this exposition of details linking the various plot elements. I would have completely forgotten, because it’s irrelevant, while nicely filmed. At least that: nicely filmed applies to most of it.

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