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hmmm… now what to make of that? They manage to introduce a whole new bunch of people – and get rid of most of them with utter efficiency? Mid-season reviews not so good, apparently… no, wrong: what I heard was that the ladies who go to meet their maker actually got into legal trouble at the shooting location so the producers had to dispose of them – which they did without further ado. The characters that were established in the first season turned out to be strong enough to carry through number 2, anyway. There is no way around the likes of Sawyer, Jack, John and Hurley – with Mr Eko they may have a new strong lead at  their side (which they can do with, given the final of season 2), and I judge that no new ideas came up on what to do with Charly and more or less all the female characters (the females are still frighteningly weakly written, this is clearly a boy film). There are chances that we will see even less of them in part 3. Maybe a ghastly and untimely death? I would not mind…

The show had to suffer from the fact that when you open such a series, you couldn’t care less about plot lines and resolutions, you go hunting for the spectacle. Only after realising that the show might be a long-time companion do the screenwriters need to worry about all these loose ends and these strange and in some cases definitely paranormal phenomena. This Pandora’s box of narrative is already taking its revenge in season 2, where the ferocious monster that was shaking trees and killing pilots on season 1’s opening hardly ever shows up, because apparently somebody decided that it will mess up a multi-season planning by killing all the major personae within too short a time. So now it’s still wicked, but Roman-Catholic stoicism paired with cold-blooded attitude beats it, meaning that we can forget about it. Surely, somebody will soon explain to us about this swarm of nano-robots that went rabid for a short while but now is back in its cage. Away with it.

Jumping into "Others" territory was also, it seems, more like a bit of a surrender to all this time that has passed, because the initial authors would surely have preferred to keep these guys mysteriously absent. So it’s men with artificial beards, all right. Why do our heroes more or less hand themselves over to them voluntarily, without showing so much as the slightest bit of human intelligence? We don’t know. Do we expect there to be a mysterious release without explanation so both camps are at full  staff again? Yes, I do. Will Kate (my nickname for her being "Mother Theresa") keep boring us with her indecision on whom to shag? You bet. Will Sawyer keep having the best lines of the respective seasons. I hope so. By the way, my favourite scene of Season 2 of course being him telling Jack that he’d had a romantic intermezzo with Ana Lucia, and responding to jack’s question why Sawyer tells him that: "Because you are the closest thing to a friend that I have around here." Isn’t that touching? I bet my money on Sawyer to save the world in Season 7!

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