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as there have been entries at least on Spiderman 2 on this blog when it came out, let’s leave it at that: the craze about these two films is a bit hard to comprehend. Seeing them again will certainly leave the impression that they are a bit more substantial than your average X-Men rubbish. The fact that I enjoyed watching them when I was very fatigue speaks for them: no-brain entertainment on a rather professional level.

Some of the dialogue sounds more idiotic than at first watching however: "There is only one man who was always there for me…I will always be there to take care of you…" especially the love interest is full of these things, and while it may serve to make the superhero come alive a bit more, it certainly does not make the film more interesting to watch. Also a bit too much self-explaining gibberish, where the scriptwriters (or the editors? probably the distributers…) diod not trust their audience’s intelligence and re-narrated things that are very obvious to begin with.

News on Spiderman 3, anybody? Here you go, watch out for spoilers:,,

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