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It is … hmmm… probably the best way to describe it is to compare it with the book: equally boring. That is just the thing: it is boring. There are no thrills, no surprises, not even decent gore. The script-writer Harris is even more out of touch with his perceived talent than the novelist Harris (more because in a film, you can always go for the quick kill by "going Hostel" – which at least makes the audience cringe with something else but outrage over money uselessly spent at the box office). The back story of Lecter is not interesting, it is not colourful, it is not anything that you do not experience while brushing your teeth in the morning. You need to get it over and done with, because otherwise you may have the feeling that you are missing something, but let’s face it, you do not enjoy it. We have now had all the Harris books and movies, and if fate is generous in giving out favours, we will not have to do it again. Gong Li does not propoerly show her breasts, either.

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