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The New York Yimes has the interesting story about a new yellow label
trailers can get for online distribution. This only refers to "age
appropriateness", and does not specify an age group. What it means is that
the trailer is suitable for "visitors to sites either frequented mainly by
grown-ups or accessible only between 9 p.m. and 4 a.m." It is a bit of a
funny mix-up of 19th and 21st century, but at least now there's a certain
chance of having trailers that reflect the film better than before, as
opposed to having family-firendly trailers luring audiences into movies they
do not want to see. You will figure out a way to find out what time it is at
the location of the server. Or your location as a user? Or the film
production company's location? Or the producer of the slasher blade that is
being used to . anyway: The (useless) remake of "Halloween" has the honour
of being the first to use it.There is also an R-rated version of the trailer
tag, in appropriate and attractive red. These "require viewers to pass an
age-verification test, in which viewers 17 and older have to match their
names, birthdays and ZIP codes against public records on file", says NYT
Full story at
9d259bc517&ei=5070 (registration required, but free, and worth it, anyway!)

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