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I never heard of this until I read with incredulity about the production story (,1518,490956,00.html, German only)  and went out to find the film in order to chek it for any trash-cult potential. It is outright and indisputable rubbish. It has the worst cgi since… hm… the one mentioned here: (from 1:59, but also observe the "most random movie line ever"). The story’s premise (meaning the Bradbury part of it) is quite interesting, being one variation on the evergreen topic of "what if we could travel into the past and what if we fucked it up?" And they (I don’t know whether the original story or the scriptwriters for the film) found one way of allowing for some drama and development in the present, by not having past changes affect all at once and as a continuous development since whatever past happened. They introduce rings of change that roll over the world and bring about jumps of changes. So there is some opportunity to jump and run and to actually know that something went wrong in the past. The  way it is executed is beyond words, with Ben Kingsely wasting his talent (again…), a couple of very standard tv explosions and subway implosions taking place, and no depth in the script that would go beyong two molecules of dinosaur-monkey crap.

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