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An interesting find in the local DVD store – and an interesting realisation that I don’t think I ever watched this in full. There is a whole load of things to be said about the amazingly well-produced music, the psychedelic touch of the time that this animated flick maybe represents better than any other piece of art, or the sheer beauty of the music. So: without doubt, brilliant time-piece. It is, however, a bit like watching some D.W. Griffith thing again: it does not transport the same qualities into today, gets a bit boring after a while and surely requires a well-balanced mix of drugs and attitudes to give you the right amount of giggles all the way through. Still fun to watch and maybe the first longest music video of the world… And it still does remind me of the days in grammar school when "Yellow Submarine" was the chosen song to learn our first English rhymes…

Overview over reviews at IMDB:

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