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Ouch, that was one find. Out of the repertoire of nastiness comes one trendsetter in gory entertainment. I don’t actually know how come that I suddenly had the urge to find and watch that one, but I think it had to do with the director being out with a new film. Check IMBD ( … hm, seems he had his share of wavering carreer moments, but at least he did do a movie this year, even though I don’t remember having heard anything about it. As for Re-Animator: it is the story of Dr Frankenstein retold, now named Dr West, but also Herbert, who worked in Switzerland for too long, which leaves its mark on people, and unsurprisingly, he starts developing potion that reanimates corpses. Pet Semetary-ish, but without the painful process of carrying the bodies up to the natives’ graveyard. The effect is the same: the living ones get greedy, the dead ones get nasty. You cannot really call it a successful experiment when everybody you reawakened starts jumping at you to pull your guts out. The whole thing gets increasingly hilarious, as it should, culminating in a fantastically ridiculous finale, with decapitated bodies raping cute non-virgins, the army of the re-animated rising and falling again, the morgue turning into a slaughterhouse, with whipping intestines and everything. Very good fun, I have to say, and really well paced, and with the right level of not taking itself too seriously (I assume it is intentional, there is no other excuse for the body carrying its own head around, while having a crash test dummy head stuck on its shoulders). I would expect that the film had a brilliant cost-revenue ratio, and whoever spends more than a million dollar on his modern rubbish slashing torturing franchises should watch this one first. 20 times, rather.

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