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I refuse to call it "Live free or Die Hard", because it did not say so on the poster I saw (it said something in Russian actually, wherever they got that from), and the film is not about living free, but about dying young, especially if you are what they keep calling a "hacker" in the film, meanining supposedly someone who looks a bit nerdy, has high electricity usage and is either as fat and beardy as Kevin Smith or skinny and coolly dressed as all the rest of the bunch. And you are supposed to be Star Wars fan, apparently, which is nonsense, of course, as all those pimply computer nerds prefer Star Trek and have small penisses. Which is the same, of course.

The film is completely over the top, but that is the only way to make such a Quadrupquel bearable, and after McClane being blown out of a tunnel ventilation system by a couple of million tons of what after a breached dam last time around, nothing matters anymore. Now joyriding Harrier Jets (yes, I know, they are not real Harrier Jets), blowing up bridges, being about as interminable as a T2 – the biggest stunt is building up a relationship to his stupid cow of a misbegotten daughter again, and he promptly fails and will never be happy again, because now she calls him Daddy and takes on his name. Many things explode, I remember, the truck cockpit in which he is driving up a collapsed bridge segment among them, and that looks actually quite cute, when little Bruce Willis is sitting in his oversized Mac convertible, trying to keep the thing from doing the inevitable, which is going to hell.

Ah anyway: Bruce Rules!

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