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In a word: the much more entertaining piece of trash in comparison to its Grindhouse brother. It has a decent and sophisticated plot (green gas erupting out of a military container turns humans into ravaging puss bubbles), subplots of deep humanity (will JT get the recipe for his award-winning barbecue sauce right before eaten alive?), actors of international esteem (Sahid the Torture Iraqi of Island Lost – minus head), and a satisfying amount of severed limps and other body parts (Tarantino losing his balls – how prophetic can a movie be?!). The only downside is that Bruce Willis does not wear a sleevless short and does hardly ever lie on the side shooting from two pistols like a one-man army. But not every film can have that, I suppose. The DVD has two additional soundtracks of interest: Rodriguez’ commentary (surprisingly sober), and (supposedly) the audience reactions of a test screening audience. Worth checking out – I love listening to audio commenaries when going to bed, lulls me into nice dreams.

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