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Emir Kusturica is always worth a mayhem. Just as a reminder for myself, what did he direct that I saw? "Time of the Gypsies" (1988: – "Arizona Dream" (1993: "Underground" (1995: – OH! That was before "Black Cat, White Cat" (1998: Time flies when you’re having fun… Oh yes, those are some brilliant pices of work, with Time of the Gypsies clearly leading the pack of outstanding achievement for the history of European cinema.

Now he got a bit into trouble for the Underground setting, with accusations basically being founded on the fact that he took a simplistic and Serbia-friendly stance on the Balkan conflict (or war? Civil war? All of it, I am afraid). This accusation, I have to say, is outright nonsense when you see the film. Everybody is equally guilty and innocent, the film is from the perspective of one particular family and that’s how the story is being told. They kill and get killed, laugh and get mocked, drink and drown. Very democractic in that respect. And what’s the name of the main actor? Lazar Ristovski? What a face and attitude and charm! I need to re-visit the other films again! And buy the soundtracks!

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