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Another quick one, this being my personal final third part (even though, I know, it’s technically a 2006 movie): this film has managed to find a way of concentrating on the main thing – torturing and killing people in nasty ways. I don’t know whether this deserves to be called a genre of its own (as the "torture porn" debate indicates), but there is a common characteristic in all those Saw-Hostel-etc. films, and that is the complete absence of anything reminding of a script and a plot. What’s really bad about it is that the film pretends to be intelligent, pretends to be playing with the audience, while it really is so stupid and falling into its own plotholes that you almost have to feel pity. There is no plot, no characters, no thrill, no tension. The only thing there is is gore, and if you are into that, you should get reliable material in the next 45 instalments. It is a bit frightening that this kind of film now goes as mainstream material instead of being hidden away in DVD shelfes or C-Movie theatres.

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