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I think two more to go (Shrek and Saw), and then I am through with the Summer of Threequels, which caused so much pain and boredom already. To make it short: while Shrek the Third is far far away from being the good film the first one was, it is mildly entertaining. If you judge a comedy by the number of laughs: Zero, bad movie – but if amused smiles do count, then Shrek did ok (best line probably being the one where Donkey-Puss appreciates the benefits of his newly acquired ability to cat bath…). Nobody will miss him if he’s not coming back (against all hopes), but if they will award us the chance of a Summer of Foursomes soon, Shrek will be the least of our problems. And maybe it’s a secret way of bringing Monty Python’s together again – Eric Idle and John Cleese are in, already.

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