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That’s beijing (or The Beijinger? I am currently a bit lost on what they’re called) has quite an interesting article / posting on the whereabouts and whatabouts of the current generation of Chinese big screen directors (even though big screen means for some of those guys being screened at Cherrylane or in the “black box caf√©”. Big Big Screens are mostly taken by other stuff). The interesting part is the ralisation that after a clearly identifiable Fifth generation of film-makers (most of who have already sold out, most would agree), number 6 is scattered and less tangible. However: with Jia Zhang-Ke and Li Yu among others, there are now some people around who not only do love and pictures, but also intellect and politics. That is a good sign for the Chinese arthouse cinema, even though it comes at the price of becoming harder for those artists to perform their jobs in mainland China. Let’s hail them at least in the festival circus and in the European arthouse theatres!

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