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Not mine, no no no, but those resolutions that’s Dalton Ross shares with us include some highlights. Next to the obvious "I resolve to not impregnate any member of the Spears family" that every one of us should subscribe to, I found this one particularly interesting.

"I resolve to stop telling people to watch The Wire, recognizing that if people haven’t checked it by now — in its fifth and final season — they ain’t gonna start no matter what I or any other critic says.",,20170630,00.html

But man! it’s plain wrong! I enjoy the benefit of neither living in the US, where US shows apprently screen first (duh, that was a brainer), nor do I actually have a tv set. Meaning that there is no regular influx of tv shows unless I buy them in a nice packed DVD box, the larger, the better. And the best way to do this is after the whole show is done. Hard to find, but you can do this with the "Muppet Show", with the "X Files", "Twin Peaks" and – the one I am really looking forward to foir this year: "The Sopranos". Just imagine my year: I see the Sopranos for the first time, and I see them from beginning to end! Yes, die of jealousy! And having had three seasons of Lost in one go, or 7 of CSI to devour is not bad either. "24" has to be seen in one rushed weekend, anyway. Once you get hooked onto the weekly addiction, all those shows lose quite a bit of their appeal for me. I want to dive in deep, and 40 minutes is just not enough to do that.

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