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This is a good chance to catch up with the films missed over the last years. Rotterdam (January 23 to February 3) will screen some outstanding examples from China’s Fourth Generation film makers:
See here for the details and here for more on the respective films:

The films are:

Troubled Laughter / Kunao ren de xiao, Yang Yanjin, Deng Yimin, 1979

Little Flower / Xiao Hua, Huang Jianzhong, Zhang Zheng, 1979

Evening Rain / Bashan yeyu, Wu Yigong, Wu Yonggang, 1980

The Alley / Xiaojie, Yang Yanjin, 1981

River Without Buoys / Meiyou hangbiao de heliu, Wu Tian Ming, 1983

My Memories of Old Beijing / Chengnan jiushi, Wu Yigong, 1983

At the Beach / Haitan, Teng Wenji, 1984

Narrow Lane Celebrity / Xiaoxiang mingliu, Cong Lianwen, 1985

In the Wild Mountains / Yeshan, Yan Xueshu, 1985

Sacrificed Youth / Qingchunji, Zhang Nuanxin, 1985

Woman Demon Human / Ren gui qing, Huang Shuqin, 1987

Black Snow / Benming nian, Xie Fei, 1989

This is a lineup that would be great for a Beijing filmfest, actually. I am sure most of those movies have never really seen the light of China’s day.

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