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I must assume that I am not a big fan of the Simpsons, and I judge this from not remembering when I watched them last. Must have been in their first or second season, whenever that was shown back home. Watching the movie now was a bit eerie, because despite this long time of contact moratorium, all the main characters felt immediately famlliar. I guess that what makes a truly trend-setting and style-defining show with massive global impact on popular culture.

I did not get any of the references to the decades of the Simpsons’ TV career, but never mind: despite my initial scepticism and readiness to turn off the film whenever it started boring me, I stuck to it (with mild surprise) and enjoyed myself the way I enjoyed myself during some of the tv episodes. And it is nothing more than that, just a bit longer than the regular episode, call it a Christmas special edition. Nothing to write home about, but when the icestorm is blowing outside the window and you have a mug of coffee on your table, watching this is one choice that should not be regretted. I am just trying to remember what happened to that pig…
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