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Here, writers’ guild, eat this! As they are unwilling to produce more sustainable stretches of Lost, 24, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica or Life (at least they will finish off Jericho decently, even though I am not sure the screener episodes are too promising – even within the first three episodes a serious deviation from the principal mythology?? Killer virus flu?!?), they have to bear the consequences, being: me checking out other and new programmes, off the radar stuff and the hidden gems of US cable stations. I am currently personal-test-screening:

* Californication: oh, yes! See previous entry.
* Dexter: starts a bit clumsy, the dialogues moving like sirup on a plain, and a horrid voiceover narrator, somewhere positioned between CSI, Life and any other serial killer, forensic investigation. The starting point, however, is so tailor-made to my tv needs (I love serial killers, I love CSI LV, I like Jerrey Deaver’s Lincoln-Rhyme-novels, I find Seven and Silence of the Lambs to be entertainment at its best) that I just have to keep watching.

* Entourage: very entertaining, I can watch 4 episodes in one go, but then I need three weeks’ break from all these fake identities and indecent levels of casual sex

It is all but a sad substitute for Starbucks, Sawyer, Jack Baur and Co., but better’n’nottin’

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