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Erwin Wagenhofer’s documentary world tour shows some of the absurdities of food production, from hybrid Aubergines over hald of Almeria covered with greenhouses, to the absurde pictures industrial chicken production provides. He spares us some of the more grisly images you could expect, as most of the film is not devoted to, for instance, the inhumanity of animal breeding and slaughtering, but rather to the absurdity with which the allocation of food is being managed by global production and distribution companies. Nothing one would not have seen before if you are interested in tv documentaries and the frequent food scandals that pop up in investigative tv reporting magazines. But well filmed, with interesting expamples showing the wide range of the global food production and destruction madness. What I found odd was the fact that most production bosses or enterprise CEOs interviewed are so boring you can hardly believe it – must be the sector they work in?
Variety Review

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