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I can imagine why so many people refer to this film as an absolutely enchanting fairy tale, of a magic that can hardly be found in the cinema. With supervillain kings and superhero pirates, with giants of gigantic heart and witches and warlocks to bring you back from the dead if necessary. In order to imagine the fascination emenating from this tale all you need to do is to imagine that you’ve never read the book! But if you cannot forget the fabulously twisted plot stumbling over pages and pages of suitcase packing or the cultural specifics of wedding day preparations of Proincess Buttercup, giving Grandpa a hard time because the rotten kid rightly complains about the boring level of household detail surprisingly to be found in this piece of adventure and mortal peril, and if you only watch the bit that was reduced to the plot in this movie (at least adapted to the screen by William Goldman’s own hand), then the film is perfectly fine and entertaining. I cannot find too much of the book’s magic in it, however, it reminds me of the executive summary films that were based on the Harry Potter franchise and that apprently were mostly made fro those who do not like to read. The film did not really bore me, but was on the verge of it and made me want my nice two-colour-ink hardback edition which, I realised with pain, is boxed a couple of thousand kilometers away.

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