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Sometimes it is worth listening to the elderly, and in this case it was the surprisingly Malcom McDowell of Clockwork Orange fame who mentioned in a radio interview that he enjoyed playing in this US tv show of the title “Entourage”. Simon Mayo confirmed it was good fun, so I checked it out and enjoyed four seasons of perfect-length HBO cable format (24 minutes) that gets you addicted or annoyed after a very short while. Addicted, in my case. The entourage around new movie superstart Johnny-Depp-clone Vinny Chase, his older brother of past fame (Viking Quest), Turtle the chubby driver and self-declared rap producer, and E – Eric the Little One, who tries to manage Vince’s carreer while keeping the buddy boygroup together in their efforts to chase women and spend Vince’s money. The star of the show undoubtedly is Ari Gold, agent, maniac, evil charmer, roller and shaker, who is the way anybody wants to be in that shark pool – especially as you cannot but love him. The only guy getting on my nerves is the arhouse director who manages to mess up several things over the course of several seasons: E’s ego and Vince’s carreer, for example.
Sugar coating being provided through nice cameos by people like Dennis Hopper, James Woods, Paul Haggis or James Cameron (and most likely dozens of others of whom I have never heard before). Season 5 in preparation, I hear!

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