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It is to be recommended to do that now and again: check the classics, and if you do it, do it big time. So here was the Godfather Triple Feature, and guess what: I am not sure whther I have actually seen the second part before. I know for sure I saw the Third, but could not remember at all, only Number 1 sticks to the memory like the blood of a chopped-off horse’s head, so to say.

It is, of course, very rewarding to sit through the whole trilogy, even though the original release dates very pretty fat stretched, there is a beautiful continuity between definitely Nr 1 and 2, and also in principle a sensible continuation to Nr 3 (even though that one is already blurring).

Nice chance to catch up on historical reviews:

Part 1: Roger Ebert:
Part 2:
Part 3:

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