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These days, it is relatively easy to hype a film to the Internet geeks, make it the talk of the days on the Blogs. Snakes on a Plane, Hulk, Cloverfield – all Internet phenomena that will usually not reflect the internet hype in a real life setting. Cloverfield is, actually, a nice little crappy B movie, with uninspired actors, a lot of helicopters, even more military personnel to shoot the crap out of Godzilla (or not: not the crap out of, and not Godzilla, but some wormy thing), and a monster of appropriate size and desctructive quality with little critters falling off it so it can also reach out to those heroes hidden away within skyscrapers or subway tunnels (always weak points of Godzilla films – even though Roland Emmerich cheated his way into the subway tunnels by alternating monster sizes at his will and really pissing me off with that nonsense).
It is not a real film, of course, no input for the brain, and would be much better had they not chosen the PG strategy – the film could do with some ripped-off heads, chests and clothes. Still entertaining, though, and pleasantly short. But the South Park Episode with Barbara Streisand as Godzilla where she gets thrown into Outer Space by the singer of The Cure is much better, of course.

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  1. …good review. I felt it was so orchestrated that it defeated the purpose of filming it the way it was filmed. Blair Witch and Rec, for exmaple, seemed more authentic even though they were directed as fiction in much the same way.

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