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Weapons producer Tony Stark gets hijacked in Afghanistan, and develops scruples about his trade as well as an armed and armoured suit while in captivity. This is not taken up kindly by his business companion, who also wants a flying suit (and not such a “conservative one”) and Stark out of the way. Stark discovers he wants to be a hero, and now he can.
As predicted, the girls are in love with Robert Downey Jr., and who wouldn’t? It is exactly the cool bad-ass bastard that gets all the upscale journalist chicks with Brown degrees and who cannot be mean enough to them and still makes them addicted. Perfect choice for a superhero who is not super, but just very smart, tech-savvy and in command of next to unlimited riches. In the company of The Dude and the girl from Shakespeare in Love and Hook, this superhero film fortunately has very little superhero about it and does not need it really. The characters are strong, the locations awesome, the suit very kinetically real-feeling and the damage done during the fights loud and painful to man and material. And Downey does not even mumble as much as usual. Well done!

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