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Donnie Darko learns in a dream or vision that the world will end in 28 days, unless he and the giant rabbit who told him … emmm … do something I do not remember.
There’s the president of the Colonies as his mother and the gay cowboy from Brokeback Mountain as Donnie, and the chubby girl from Charly’s Angels, and the …
There is a book on time travel written by an old woman with white hair and an innovative school teacher who gets sacked, and …
And there is a kiddie lover who gets exposed when Donnie burns down his house, and there is a lot of sewage water in the school headmaster’s office and …
The nice girl gets killed and Donnie takes revenge by shhoting someone in the eye and travels back in time and …

It is really worth to look at the full synopsis again IMDB offers, I could really honestly not figure out anymore what had happened. Now my poor memory is partly responsible, but I also think that the film’s problem may be a script problem: too much stuff happening at the same time, and often just stuff, not too coherent, too many exotic developments creating an early expectation of the unavoidable ending – or at least a possibility of how that ending was created with the help of time travel?
I feel slightly confused, but I believe that the film with its cute starring actor and the nice level of absurdity about it will remain with us for a while, as it seem to touch a nerve of confused teenagers who adhore it as a cult film.

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