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After the kids of South Park get exposed to the barbaric humour of the latest Terence & Phillip movie, all hell breaks loose in South Park and they sing some brilliant songs. Kyle’s mother (the “Big old bitch” of the song of the same name, probably the best musical song in 60 years – in good company with 14 others in the film, including the ear worm “what would Brian Boytano do?”) seeks to ban all TP products and perferably Canada, while Saddam Hussein gets involved in an amour fou with Satan. The kids form and sing a Resistance movement and free Terence & Philip before their execution. In vain, however, because their blood is still spilled and Satan may rule the Earth, if Saddam lets him, but Eric shoots some light flashes at Saddam and the White side (or rather: Satan’s red butt) wins.
Some of the most hilarious musical songs, a record in profanity, dead Kelly, gay Satan – this film is indeed the centre of everything the South Park universe stands for. I don’t particularly care for the Satan character or his annoying boyfriend (or for T&P, for that matter), but in the words of immortal Eric Cartman: “Aaawesome!”
Review by an admirer at NYT
Roger Ebert quote of the week: “I laughed. I did not always feel proud of myself while I was laughing, however.” Exactly!
And if you want to know what I have been doing for the last two months: go see all (!) SP episodes online at

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